Client Testimonials

I was absolutely amazed on how helpful they were with the process. They took the initial burden right off. Fast, easy, painless and affordable.

—Maria E., client

“John helped us when we didn’t know where to turn. He guided us through the process, gave us real expectations, raised our hopes when we thought the worst and, most importantly, delivered in court. We walked out of court with a fair judgement and were more than pleased. My husband even hugged him. We originally used a different law firm for this case, and spent twice what John charged. Skip the hassle and start here.”

—Carly B., client

“They are the best of the best, and I know my attorneys! In my long, drawn-out, and complicated case, John was wonderful. The whole firm was so dedicated and professional and really paid attention to all my needs and concerns. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. I highly recommend this firm for any family.”

—Jamie C., client

“I am totally impressed with the culture at this family law office. The good-heartedness and efficiency at this law firm trickle down from the founders, and their staff is very respectful. John Kelleher saw me the same day I needed a lawyer and also referred me to another colleague at his office, Natalia Merino, with whom I worked with subsequently. Their teamwork is excellent– Cheryl and Mary never failed to give me updates, whether good or bad news.

John and Natalia are very straightforward and highly ethical lawyers and I so appreciated that during one of the most trying times in my life. My legal issues were resolved quickly and at a very reasonable expense. No nonsense at this law firm. I recommend Kelleher and Kelleher 100%.”

—Carina B., client

“Kelleher and Kelleher is an amazing law firm. They all are very professional and courteous. While no attorney can promise you the world, this law firm does a great job protecting you and your rights. I’ve been with this firm since 2010 and have nothing but great regard for all of them. They are courteous, emails are responded and phone calls are returned promptly.

Cheryl is terrific to speak to and handles all matters professionally and quickly. Natalia has been superb with matters to my case. John is fabulous, he is always early for the hearings (15-30 minutes) to go over whats going to be presented and answers any questions you might have. You can not go wrong with this firm. I highly recommend and totally trust my case with them!”

—Dave C., client

The good-heartedness and efficiency at this law firm trickle down from the founders and their staff members are very respectful.”

—Carina B., client

“I had originally started with another attorney, and ran into complications in my case due to its complexity of craziness. Then I was referred to the Kelleher & Kelleher Firm. John and his team, did the hard work of helping me out, and getting me through this tough divorce from my ex. Today, I have the opportunity to have a relationship with my children because of them.

John handled my divorce and worked with me all the way through this complicated process, to the end. I wish more Attorneys could be modeled after Mr. Kelleher’s style and first-class services. I would have come out with a lot less if I had not hired John.  Again a huge thanks to John for his awesome services and expert advice. I will be happy to continue to recommend everybody to him and his outstanding law team.”

—Robert H., client

“Kelleher and Kelleher have been there for me, from the first day I hired them. I was divorced and having a problem and John took my case. He has stayed in my corner fighting like a bulldog. I have felt from day one that he, Natalia, Cheryl, and Mary have been there to answer questions and move my case in the direction it needed to go. This office, unlike others, is fully staffed and ready to handle what may come up in your behalf.

John knows Nevada law, and gets you the results you want! He speaks up to the other attorneys and I have not once seen him daunted by any aspect of trial system. His power in court gave me clarity of mind, and the strength to testify. Recently I needed the team again, and they were there like the superheroes they are. Emails are answered promptly, phone calls returned.


—Terrell B., client

“I was provided with sound advice, and treated with courtesy and compassion.”

—Jay H., client

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